Welcome to MicroPap. The Microsoft (un)Official hate page. This is possibly the only place where the goal is to dedicate ourselves to the serious task of thoroughly hating Bill Gates and Microsoft Corporation (motto: "We own you, your mother and your dog").

The way in which we hope to achieve our goal is by exposing every aspect of the Microsoft phenomena known as the "Out of Money" crash syndrome, which occurs wherever and whenever any Microsoft product is run.

Microsoft have a long tradition of taking the piss out of it's customers, every time you run Windows 100k of your computers memory disappears, the more you run it the more RAM you need. This has been proven to increase exponentially as time progresses.

You may have just bought Windoze and think "Ooh, this is really great!" but do not be fooled. It has a built in timer so that ten minutes after first running it, the "Out of Money" program kicks into action, and spreads Bill Gates' domination even further.

The whole of humanity MUST stop this, there should be no excuse for the total domination by Microsoft. Even as I write this Bill Gates is negotiating a deal with the major lightbulb manufacturers of the world so that he can get $0.50 for every lightbulb changed throughout the world. Act now and save your copy of OS/2 Warp - Then again...........